Green Investors Buy Pollution Allowances in Bet on Tighter Rules

Managing Director Nico Girod has a different take on what going on with prices in the EU ETS market in Bloomberg's latest article. "Still, not everyone’s convinced that the speculators are back. It’s possible that utilities are just buying permits on the cheap to use in the future, according to Nicolas Girod, managing director at ClearBlue Markets. But if speculators are coming back, it could drive prices back to 30 euros per ton this year, he said." Read the full article here.

Nova Scotia sells out inaugural cap-and-trade auction above floor price

Nova Scotia just released the results of the first auction of its provincial Cap & Trade program. ClearBlue has been following the development of the Nova Scotia Cap & Trade program from its early days and provided some insight into the results below for Carbon Pulse. “'[Mandatory participants] don’t really have a reference there to put bids on, so they likely used the price in Quebec,' Nicolas Girod, managing director of Toronto-based analysts ClearBlue Markets, told Carbon Pulse." Read the full article on Carbon Pulse here.

Exclusive Market Insights on WCI and the Canadian OBPS

ClearBlue Markets has partnered with IETA to develop up-to-date market analysis on the WCI Market in California and Quebec as well as the Canadian OBPS Market through IETA's new Carbon Market Business Briefs. From IETA: "With the continued expansion of emissions trading globally, the Business Briefs outline the coverage, deadlines, penalties, flexibilities, trading dynamics and other features for each market. The briefs provide commentary from local IETA members and partners on recent market developments, and enable simple at-a-glance comparisons for business." Click here to view the Business Briefs

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