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ClearBlue's Nicolas Girod Sharing Ontario Cap & Trade Expertise at Carbon Forward 2017

ClearBlue's Nicolas Girod brought the Ontario perspective to the Carbon Forward 2017 conference which focuses on the EU Emissions Trading System (EU-ETS) and carbon markets around the world.

The 2nd annual Carbon Forward held in London, addressed the key issues that are currently impacting businesses in the EU- ETS and how industry is dealing with carbon pricing. The topics discussed included: Brexit and the EU ETS, EU ETS Phase IV and EU carbon price forecasts.

Coming off the announcement of market linkage of the California, Quebec and Ontario Cap & Trade programs several days earlier, Girod shared ClearBlue's thoughts and insight on Ontario's carbon market including opportunities for industry, market risks, price forecasts, the future of Cap & Trade in Ontario and the growing carbon market in North America.

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