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ClearBlue Sponsors 1st Place Prize at University of Windsor's Green Future Competition

University of Windsor celebrated Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy Week this week on campus to inspire renewable energy and sustainability discussions and action.

One of the events is the Green Future Competition, which showcases student research on energy conservation and renewable energy.

ClearBlue is proud to support research and innovation in renewable energy and conservation by sponsoring the 1st place prize of the Green Future Competition.

1st place was awarded to PhD student, Julia Aman, who presented a solar thermal driven air-conditioning system for residential applications.

The competition was followed by two panel discussions; “Climate Change and Energy Conservation” and “Towards Renewable Energy in Windsor" featuring professors and experts from local environmental groups and businesses sharing their insights and expertise on what a low carbon future would look like. As well, as the screening of the documentary Switch , an in depth look at the transition from fossil fuels to renewable sources across the world.

ClearBlue is proud to be part of this year's Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy Week to support renewable energy, climate change and sustainability education at the University of Windsor.

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