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IETA & ClearBlue Partner on Ontario Carbon Market Workshop

IETA and ClearBlue Markets will be hosting a side workshop at the upcoming APPrO conference November 21 to discuss the risks and opportunities under Ontario's soon-to-be linked market.

With the recent Linkage announcement to California and Quebec and the release of the proposed Ontario Offset Credits Regulation and protocols, industry participants are looking to better understand the impact on compliance obligations and market opportunities that the linked Ontario and WCI Cap and Trade market can provide.

The Carbon Market Workshop will offer attendees unique insight and a chance to hear from industry experts on navigating the markets, including how to minimize compliance costs while maximizing opportunities available in the Cap & Trade market. By bringing together Cap & Trade experts from across the market, including entities with compliance exposure, government representatives, traders, banks, brokers and offset developers, the Workshop will provide a collaborative platform to discuss the risks and opportunities in the WCI/Ontario Cap & Trade market


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