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ClearBlue contributes to ECO's 2018 Greenhouse Gas Progress Report

ClearBlue Markets is a proud contributor to the ECO 2018 Greenhouse Gas Progress Report. Ontario's Environmental Commissioner, Dianne Saxe, released the 2018 Greenhouse Gas Progress Report "Climate Action in Ontario: What's Next?"

The report addresses the cancellation of the Cap & Trade program, its impact on the province and explores what a new and effective climate law in Ontario should look like.

The cancellation of the province's Cap & Trade program has left Ontario without effective policies to address climate change. The revenue from the Cap & Trade program was beginning to bring large benefits to Ontario by funding energy efficiency projects and incentivizing low carbon development.

Ontario can still have effective climate policies through regulating polluters, a polluter pays principle and investing in solutions.

According to the report, "a meaningful climate law needs science-based emissions budgets, a legal obligation to stay within those budgets, and credible, transparent progress reporting".

Read the full report here

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