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ClearBlue Presents Corporate Workshop on Compliance Strategies for Industry

On the second day of the Carbon Pricing for Canadian Industry held in Toronto April 25 & 26th, ClearBlue Markets held a corporate workshop for industrial entities regulated under the Output-Based Pricing System (OBPS) stream of the Federal Backstop. The workshop provided industry with a deeper understanding of compliance options and strategies under the Federal Backstop.

Some of the key topics discussed included:

  • Carbon Pricing across Canada

  • Overview of the two Federal Backstop streams ( Fuel Charge and OBPS

  • How does this system differ from Cap & Trade and the Ontario government’s proposed Emissions Performance Standards (EPS) program?

  • Benchmark and EITE assessments

  • OBPS voluntary opt –in and future development of new OBS

  • OBPS registration overview

  • What can industry do today to reduce costs and exposure?

  • Routes to compliance and routes to market

  • Supply & Demand, Pricing

  • What funding opportunities can OBPS facilities expect?

  • Position management and new reporting requirements

  • CRA reporting requirement

  • Accounting and finance considerations

  • Internal controls and governance

  • Impact of political uncertainty in position management

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