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ClearBlue Markets is Hiring: Carbon Market Analyst, Fuel Standards

ClearBlue is looking for a Carbon Market Analyst, Fuel Standards to join our dynamic team. This position is available immediately in our Toronto office and is a critical business-aligned role within ClearBlue (This job will be performed remotely temporarily due to COVID-19). The Carbon Market Analyst, Fuel Standards will support ClearBlue’s clients in assessing opportunities across fuel standard programs in North America, as well as renewable fuel markets.

The job will offer the opportunity to work with fuel producers, utilities, industrials, and others on emission reduction and low carbon fuel strategies in the context of fuel standard programs. This includes existing programs such as the California Low Carbon Fuel Standard and the British Columbia Low Carbon Fuel Standard, as well as the soon-to-be-implemented Canada Clean Fuel Standard and Washington Clean Fuel Standard. The role involves a combination of technical, financial, and regulatory skills with strong communication and analytical competencies. The Carbon Market Analyst, Fuel Standards will be part of the team conducting economic value assessments, regulatory risk analysis, and market outlooks, which will support the development of reports, memos, presentations, and compliance strategies.


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