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ClearBlue Markets Thankful for Another Award-Winning Year!

ClearBlue Markets is honored to announce that as a result of your support, the Environmental Finance Magazine’s 22nd Annual Market Rankings recognizes our team with several accolades:

  • Best Advisory/Consultancy in North American Carbon Markets (All) and (California) for the fourth year in a row

  • Best Advisory/Consultancy in Chinese Carbon Markets for a second consecutive year

  • ClearBlue was also runner-up as Best Advisory/Consultancy in the EU ETS Carbon Market and Kyoto Project Credits (JI and CDM)

From COP26, to record-high prices in the WCI and EU-ETS markets, as well as the net-zero commitment fueled expansion of the voluntary carbon market, it is clear that 2021 has been a big year for carbon pricing worldwide. ClearBlue continues to play a pivotal role with its clients in helping them navigate this ever-changing and growing space. We actively advise industrials, utilities, fuel producers, financials, and governments alike through our expertise in both the market and regulatory aspects of carbon pricing.

ClearBlue is at the forefront of global carbon markets, providing market insight and guidance in emitter programs such as the WCI Cap & Trade market, EU ETS, Canadian carbon markets, and important emerging markets like the voluntary carbon market and Chinese ETS. In addition, we also provide market analysis and project support for North American clean fuel and portfolio standard programs (e.g. CFS, LCFS) as well as expertise on the REC market.

Given the tremendous growth in Voluntary Carbon markets, our market analysis team developed an industry-leading model to provide insights on the demand from net-zero pledges and aviation emissions compliance to CORSIA, the supply of credits by geography, project type, registry, and vintage, and the overall market balance that leads to latest price expectations. ClearBlue is also leveraging climate finance to catalyze the development of new projects to meet the needs of the growing voluntary carbon market. ClearBlue’s managing directors represent industry experts with several years of experience in managing large compliance positions, making it a priority to ensure high quality, well-vetted offset projects are sourced. In addition, we offer a number of additional services that our clients require such as feasibility studies, and offset procurement strategies as part of their broader net-zero target strategies. ClearBlue’s hands-on practical experience in all aspects of the carbon markets sets us apart and makes us unique. Our services provide actionable strategies and project management support, as required.

Bolstered by the trust our clients have in our work and seeing the clear need for our expertise moving forward, ClearBlue is continuing to grow through the recruitment of seasoned experts and young, sharp, and diverse talent so we can best serve the needs of our growing lists. We are committed to providing our clients with insightful, timely and trustworthy carbon markets intelligence and products.

On behalf of the entire ClearBlue team, we would like to thank our clients and peers for their support and recognition as we continue to expand our services in global carbon markets. We look forward to continuing to support and work with you as we serve the global carbon markets in 2022. And, if you haven’t worked with us but are interested, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

We wish you a healthy and happy holiday season!

The ClearBlue Team


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