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ClearBlue Markets Welcomes Juan Manuel Cardona Granda, Nature-Based Solutions Technical Manager

ClearBlue Markets is excited to announce that as of June 6th, 2022, Juan Manuel Cardona Granda has joined the team as Nature-Based Solutions Technical Manager.

Juan M. has over 20 years of experience in mapping, Nature-based Solutions for climate change mitigation and carbon sequestration, afforestation and silviculture, tree breeding, non-timber forest products, ecosystem restoration, and commercial and community forest and wildlife management projects in Colombia and other Latin American countries.

Juan M. also has an extensive background in forest and biodiversity biometrics, as a developer and analyst for data science and software development projects for field data collection and analysis about natural resources. Fluent in Spanish, English and Japanese, he is familiar with a few other languages, and he has written several books and articles on Forestry, Botany, as well as nature photo field guides, systematic and economic entomology and the Japanese language. Cardona-Granda has a Forestry Engineering degree from the National University of Colombia and a master’s degree in Life and Environmental Science – Forest Management from Shimane University (Japan).

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