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Vote ClearBlue Best Advisory/ Consultancy: Environmental Finance Awards 2021

Dear Friends,

Environmental Finance Magazine is currently recognizing the leading service providers, brokers, financiers, and dealers in emissions markets in their 22nd Annual Market Survey.

ClearBlue has been voted by clients and industry peers as the best advisory/consultancy in carbon markets every year since 2017. Last year, we were honoured to earn Best Advisory/Consultancy in North American Carbon Markets (California) for the third year in a row, and for the first time, Best Advisory/Consultancy Chinese Markets. We were also the runner up for Best Advisory/Consultancy North American Markets (All), Best Advisory/Consultancy for the EU ETS Market, and Best Advisory in Renewable Energy Certificates: Europe.

It is clear that 2021 has been a big year for carbon pricing worldwide, and ClearBlue has continued to support a wide range of clients in navigating this ever-changing and growing space. We actively advise industrials, utilities, fuel producers, financials, and governments alike through our expertise in both the market and regulatory aspects of carbon pricing. Using our extensive experience, ClearBlue has been able to tailor its services to each client’s individual needs.

We greatly appreciate your support in the past, and we are kindly requesting your support and recognition again this year with a vote for ClearBlue Markets in the following categories:

GHG Emissions (Best Advisory/Consultancy)

  • North American Markets (All)

  • North American Markets (California)

  • EU Emissions Trading System

  • Chinese Markets

  • Kyoto Project Credits (JI and CDM)

All votes can be submitted on Environmental Finance Magazine’s website:

Voting closes on Friday October 29, 2021

About ClearBlue Markets

The ClearBlue team is comprised of an unparalleled team of experts with extensive practical experience in carbon markets policy and trading. We possess a thorough understanding of the complexities of carbon markets and the opportunities that exists across different programs. ClearBlue is at the forefront of global carbon markets, providing expertise and guidance in emitter programs such as the WCI Cap & Trade market, EU ETS, Canadian carbon markets, and emerging markets like the Chinese ETS. ClearBlue also provides market analysis and project support for North American fuel standard programs, including the emerging CFS, as well as expertise on the REC market.

Outside of compliance markets, the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) has seen tremendous growth and ClearBlue continues to be a trusted voice and advisory. Our market analysis team has developed an industry-leading model to provide insights on the demand from net-zero pledges and aviation emissions compliance to CORSIA, the supply of credits by geography, project type, registry, and vintage, and the overall market balance that leads to latest price expectations. ClearBlue also supports our clients – as buyers and sellers – with feasibility studies, project development, and offset procurement strategies as part of their broader net-zero strategies.

The ClearBlue team is continuously enhancing its in-house carbon portal – the CBMarkets Portal – to support clients in the management of their carbon budget and closely monitor their live carbon position in relevant markets. The Portal includes scenario-based analysis for prices and supply and demand for different carbon schemes, technical analysis for carbon markets, and data analysis across jurisdictions to ensure clients are equipped with in-depth and up-to-date information. Over the past year, we have integrated data from the UK, Australia, Alberta, shipping, and voluntary markets to support clients operating in or looking to expand to these growing markets. This powerful tool allows our clients to navigate and execute in the carbon market with ease and confidence.

ClearBlue is proud to continue to grow as a company and establish new partnerships within emerging markets globally to expand its services. Over the past year, ClearBlue partnered with shipbroker IFCHOR to offer carbon emissions advisory services to the shipping industry through ‘IFCHOR ClearBlue Oceans’. Through this partnership, the shipping sector will be able to work with an experienced and trusted advisory team and access high quality verified offset registries around the world. Additionally, ClearBlue has partnered with RepuTex Energy to offer broader coverage of global carbon markets to its European and North American clients by providing access to source high quality emissions offsets, as well as structure and execute carbon offset projects and transactions. This collaboration will also include carbon markets events and research, as well as the facilitation of broader knowledge-sharing to support positive climate action across all sectors.

With full focus on carbon markets, ClearBlue effectively delivers integrated and cutting-edge solutions to assess and manage carbon value, and provides its leading analysis through weekly market updates, live updates on breaking regulatory and market news, supply and demand reports, and special reports tailored specifically to clients.

Thank you for your ongoing support, we look forward to continuing to serve your needs in the carbon market.

Best regards,

The ClearBlue Team