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Helping businesses manage their compliance costs and carbon targets

A holistic approach to carbon markets

Innovative solutions that deliver success

ClearBlue Markets is at the forefront of regulatory and market developments to support clients navigate the complexities of carbon markets and optimize opportunities within them. We provide our clients with expert guidance on the most cost effective and timely route to meet compliance or voluntary targets. 


ClearBlue offers unparalleled carbon advisory services with a focus on policy, market developments, and risk mitigation. Our advisory team provides support for clients by developing tailored carbon pricing strategies that incorporate routes to market, carbon procurement and sales strategies, and advocacy support. We advise entities on how carbon pricing, external or internal,  can be optimized to support greater and more effective net-zero targets,  for example, through:

  • Help with meeting reporting and compliance obligations 

  • Training workshops to help staff understand carbon markets and the risk and opportunities of carbon pricing

  • Updates of key provincial, national and international carbon markets policy changes and briefings on the key policy issues

  • Finding funding opportunities for emission reduction and energy efficiency projects

    ...and more!


Market Analysis

Our industry-leading market analysis provides clients with detailed updates on regional and global carbon markets. These include regulatory changes in the market, changes in market participants' behavior, changes in the economic outlook, and any other developments that could significantly impact the carbon markets. Our analysts have experience tracking and conducting market analysis in the following markets:

  • European Union Emission Trading Scheme (EU ETS)

  • Western Climate Initiative (WCI)

  • Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI)

  • Fuel Standards Programs (California LCFS, US Federal RFS, Canadian CFS)

  • Canadian Industrial Emitters Program (Federal Backstop, Alberta’s TIER, Ontario’s EPS)

  • Global Voluntary Offset Market

Market Analysis


Our carbon sales team offers comprehensive carbon market transactional services by combining our knowledge of emissions trading, project development and environmental policy to structure optimal carbon transactions for our clients. The team supports our compliance customers to allow them to efficiently and effectively manage their carbon exposure and our voluntary customers by sourcing high-quality credits in accordance with their priorities. The team offers advice and trading strategies to suit market participants whether they trade:

  • WCI Carbon Allowances (CCAs)

  • WCI Carbon Offsets (CCOs)

  • RGGI Allowances

  • Verified Carbon Units (VCUs), Verified Emission Reductions (VERs), and other major voluntary registry credits

  • Other products such as Surplus Credits, LCFS Credits, RINs, and EUAs.

Solar Panels

Project Development

Our technical team works closely with clients to develop offset projects and purchase and sell offsets under the major compliance and voluntary registries. We support developers throughout the entire carbon offset credit creation process, which includes: Origination, Implementation and Commercialization. We ensure that the projects meet regulatory requirements, achieve optimal emission reductions and resolve complex technical or legal matters such as the rules and regulations of carbon market standards. Our services include:

  • Project and carbon value identification

  • Assessing feasibility and eligibility of offset projects, analyzing risks and optimizing project designs 

  • Providing support during project Validation and Approval

  • Assistance with the Issuance of carbon offsets

  • Commercialization of offsets

  • Securing funding for projects

Project Developmet
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