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We are carbon markets experts. Clearblue is an award-winning company specializing in carbon pricing advisory, market analysis, transactions, and offset development

Market expertise

Comprehensive market analysis by industry-leading experts and proprietary tools

Minimize compliance costs

Tailored strategies for compliance market instrument procurement

Implementation of realistic net-zero and carbon neutrality targets

Meaningful emission reductions

Development of high-quality offsets and other environmental commodities

Voluntary market participation

Our Impact

Clearblue has the team, experience and solutions that have helped many clients around the world, making us a trusted name in carbon markets. We help to manage over 100 million tCO2e of Scope 1 and 2 emissions collectively per year and work with over 150 clients across our services.

As experts in carbon strategy management, we make every effort to reduce and minimize our carbon footprint. As part of these efforts, ClearBlue decided to calculate and offset our lifetime residual emissions, following the 'Measure, Reduce, Offset' approach. We first identified material areas in each emissions scope, reflected on how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at ClearBlue, and implemented accordingly. We went even further by acquiring and retiring more carbon credits than our total emissions, becoming not only carbon neutral, but climate positive. We originated all of our offsets by investing in Madagascar’s first solar plant and a Malawi clean water through rehabilitated boreholes project, and will continue to pursue high quality projects in the future.



Navigating Carbon Markets

The ClearBlue Markets team consists of technical and commercial experts with decades of practical experience in carbon policy and market trading. ClearBlue provides expert services across several carbon and environmental markets around the world.


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