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ClearBlue Vantage is a carbon intelligence platform that empowers users to take decisive action in the carbon markets by providing a reliable, centralized source of information.


Its decision-useful data, tools and insights offer a clear view of market conditions so users can optimize expenditure, compare opportunities, mitigate risk, and operate strategically.


Vantage modules equip users with a competitive advantage in the carbon markets:

  • Market Intelligence

  • Position Manager

  • Voluntary Offset Insight


Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence catalyzes decision-making with detailed compliance and voluntary market pricing, regional and global carbon market updates, policy and regulation, supply and demand fundamentals, pricing forecasts and curated marketplace news.

Its searchable library of dynamic visualizations and analyses monitor regulatory changes, participant behaviour, economic outlook, and other drivers that impact carbon markets individually and in relation to one another.


Position Manager

Understanding the interplay between carbon pricing, regulatory obligations, voluntary commitments, decarbonization progress, and their impact on your market position is crucial to successful participation in compliance and voluntary markets. 

Position Manager analyzes multiple scenarios to determine your total carbon position and its associated cost or value using regulation, carbon pricing fluctuations, and your unique business and portfolio data as inputs. 


Voluntary Offset Insight

Greater transparency in the voluntary carbon markets empowers individuals and organizations to make informed decisions when assessing the market value of carbon credits, purchasing primary offsets, or evaluating asset values. Voluntary Offset Insight brings necessary clarity to these issues with three essential tools:

Offset Price Discovery
Predicts offset credit prices so users can mark their books, assign value to portfolio holdings and establish a basis for competitive negotiation and transaction.

Delivery Risk Assessment 
Evaluate the delivery risk of a project based on critical data points like project methodology, location, developer experience, and current project development stage. 

Offset Portfolio Valuation
Generate high-quality, up-to-date, objective valuations of an existing or developing portfolio to enable effective financial reporting and auditing, understand mark-to-market pricing, and support investment analysis.

NBS Project Map

ClearBlue’s NBS Project Map places all nature-based solutions projects from every major carbon registry globally across the VCS, Gold Standard, Climate Action Reserve (CAR), CDM, CERCARBONO, Biocarbon, Plan Vivo, as well as other major registries such as Verra and GS. It also pulls in all NbS methodologies such as Afforestation/Restoration, Conservation/REDD, Improved Forest Management/IFM and others.


It is a critical tool for due diligence that will aid project developers and investors. Learn more.

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