ClearBlue leverages its extensive carbon pricing experience around the world to guide emitters through the ever-evolving global tapestry of carbon markets. We have consulted clients of every major industry, participated in the development process of the world's major carbon regulation, and transacted in most markets - allowing us to draw from experiences in other regions to provide a holistic approach to carbon markets.

Services by Location

ClearBlue tailors its services to the regional needs of its clients, and provides its core services of carbon advisory, market analysis, transactions, and offset development as applicable to each scheme. ClearBlue is a one-stop-shop for all your carbon market needs.



ClearBlue remains at the forefront of the global voluntary carbon market as more corporations and governments commit to achieving net-zero, and we expect offsets will play a significant part in getting there. We offer our entire suite of services - advisory, market analysis, transactions, and project development - to clients interested in participating in the voluntary market. Whether a corporation is beginning to consider offsets through a market assessment report or is ready for a robust offset procurement strategy, ClearBlue has its clients covered.

We are keeping a close eye on developments of the Paris Agreement and Article 6, and how this will impact the global market.




As leaders in Canadian carbon pricing,  ClearBlue provides carbon advisory, market analysis, transactions, and offset development (where applicable) services across all existing industrial emitter programs. This includes the federal Output-Based Pricing System (OBPS), Ontario Emission Performance Standard (EPS), Quebec Cap & Trade (WCI), Alberta Technology Innovation and Emission Reduction (TIER), New Brunswick OBPS, Saskatchewan OBPS.

ClearBlue is also deeply involved in the upcoming federal Clean Fuel Standard (CFS) and will provide applicable services in this space.



United States


Voted the best advisory/consultancy in North America for three consecutive years, ClearBlue remains at the forefront of California's Cap & Trade program (WCI), providing carbon advisory, market analysis, transactions, and offset development services. ClearBlue's expertise in California also extends beyond standard carbon markets to the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS), where we support clients with regulatory advisory, market analysis, and transactions in tandem with the federal Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). 

ClearBlue's industry leading market analysis and transaction services are also offered to participants of  the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), and we remain well-versed on emerging markets at the federal and state level.




The emergence of Cap & Trade in Mexico adds another significant market of regulated industrial emitters to North America, and ClearBlue is able to guide participants just as well. Having participated in the early days and development of North America's longest standing Cap & Trade programs (California and Quebec), ClearBlue can translate lessons learned into practical advise for client in Mexico with its comprehensive suite of services.




ClearBlue Markets' team has been involved within the EU-ETS for over 16 years, having played leading roles in trading the market, researching and analyzing fundamental drivers, originating offsets, and keeping up to date with ongoing policy changes.  It leverages this extensive experience in helping its clients, offering top-of-class in-house research and advisory services, trade recommendations, policy updates and regular market updates. On request, ClearBlue also offers bespoke services, presenting clients the opportunity to spar with us and have their specific  questions answered,  or transactional needs fulfilled. 

In addition to the services ClearBlue Markets provides for EU-ETS participants – be these compliance entities seeking to optimize positions or investment vehicles entering the market for profit — we also provide advisory on other ancillary European schemes, including the CBAM, the French CEE market, as well as European compliance offset (UER) markets.




Now the largest ETS in world, the China ETS is another region of services for ClearBlue, where our global experience can facilitate participation and compliance for regulated emitters. ClearBlue can support clients here with compliance strategies and procurement of alternative compliance units such as China Certified Emission Reductions (CCER).


South America


ClearBlue has a presence in South America by supporting clients in understanding the voluntary market. We facilitate development and procurement of international voluntary credits and eligible offset credits for compliance under carbon tax schemes such as Colombia's, and any other carbon taxes that may implement such a mechanism, such as Chile.


South Africa


Companies subject to South Africa's carbon tax can also look towards ClearBlue for support in compliance strategies. We will support clients with sourcing eligible offsets for compliance to maximize compliance flexibility while minimizing risk.


South Korea


ClearBlue's expertise also benefits participants of the South Korea ETS. Our presence in South Korea is strengthened through a strategic partnership with ECOEYE, a leader in offsets, trading, and market analysis in South Korea.




ClearBlue’s global reach extends to Australia, where we provide carbon advisory, market analysis, and transaction services for the Emissions Reduction Fund. We can support clients in the management of Australian Carbon Credit Units and other environmental attributes.

ClearBlue has also established a strategic partnership with RepuTex Energy, Australia's leading provider of research, pricing and advisory. The partnership will provide ClearBlue Markets clients with access to RepuTex’s Australian offset prices and market analysis, while RepuTex clients will gain access to ClearBlue Markets coverage of international voluntary offset prices, and the EU ETS.

New Zeland


With our extensive experience across emissions trading systems, ClearBlue is well-positioned to provide expert advice to clients involved in the New Zealand ETS. As the market expands and becomes more stringent, ClearBlue can provide clients with market forecasts and analysis, advisory services, and transaction support.

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