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Markets for Net-Zero

Our Vision
Transparency and confidence in carbon markets around the world for more effective emission pricing and reductions

Our vision is to ensure that our clients are successful in environmental markets. We achieve this by providing guidance to make better risk management decisions, by assisting in building our client’s capacity and confidence to know when and how to act in the markets, and by supporting organic growth by leveraging strong, existing relationships to move into trading of environmental instruments.

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Leading with values

ClearBlue believes in the implementation of effective carbon pricing to drive emission reductions and understands that this change cannot happen instantaneously at the cost of a competitive industry. Incremental change is required as corporations become familiar with carbon pricing and explore alternative mitigation strategies more feasible than direct emission reductions, such as offsets.


Market centered

We support market-driven mechanisms as an effective tool to reduce emissions and the associated compliance flexibility mechanisms. Industries can transition into more emission-conscious practices while strategizing for increasing carbon prices.


Climate focused

We believe that one tonne of carbon dioxide reduced, avoided, or sequestered contributes to the fight against climate change the same regardless of location. Climate change is a global problem, and verifiable emission reductions through reputable registries can play a critical role in addressing it.


Solution driven

We objectively look at the most effective emission mitigation strategies in terms of cost, reputation, co-benefits, and timeframe and advise based on the priorities specified by our clients.

Meet our team

ClearBlue's team is driven and committed to supporting our clients. Our team comprises a wide range of carbon pricing, market, and sustainability professionals.

ClearBlue Markets is proud and grateful

to have been recognized by the industry as the best advisory/consultancy across multiple markets since 2017 through Environmental Finance Annual Market Rankings. 

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