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ClearBlue Markets Wins Three Awards in the 2023-2024 Environmental Finance Market Rankings

ClearBlue Markets is the proud recipient of three top awards in the 2023-2024 Environmental Finance Market Rankings, affirming our commitment to excellence:

Best Advisory/Consultancy Firm North America 

Best Advisory/Consultancy Firm California 

Best Advisory/Consultancy Firm European Union 

Since our establishment seven years ago, ClearBlue has been honoured with a total of 19 Environmental Finance awards, including a noteworthy win as the Best Advisory/Consultancy in the Voluntary Carbon Market in September 2023.

We sincerely thank our clients, partners, and everyone who voted for us. These awards humble us and serve as a testament to the trust placed in our capabilities and the value we bring to our client's businesses.

The Environmental Finance Environmental Market Rankings are the world's largest and most closely watched survey of environmental markets. These awards spotlight best practices and thought leadership in the carbon markets. Companies are nominated based on reliability, innovation, quality of information and service, and market influence. 

ClearBlue’s co-founder and CEO, Michael Berends, remarked, “The continuous recognition of the quality of our contributions and efforts in this expanding and competitive landscape validates the unwavering dedication of our team, underscoring the fundamental purpose and commitment of our company.”

ClearBlue is dedicated to helping clients achieve climate goals by actively participating in global carbon markets. Our advisory, intelligence, transaction and offset development services, backed by the AI-powered ClearBlue Vantage platform, empower clients to seize opportunities, make informed decisions, manage risks, and derive value from market participation. Our commitment contributes to our clients' success and supports the health of carbon markets, which are an essential lever in climate change mitigation.

For insights into our journey, read Navigating the finance-policy Nexus Environmental Finance's recent interview with ClearBlue. For Michael Berends' take on developments in the North American markets, you can read the article Compliance carbon markets on the march.

To our clients and advocates, your continued support drives us to consistently be our best!


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