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ClearBlue Markets Welcomes Mohammad Al-Ridhawi, Senior Machine Learning Engineer

ClearBlue Markets is excited to announce that Mohammad Al-Ridhawi has joined our team as a Senior Machine Learning Engineer, effective March 2023. Mohammad is currently a PhD candidate in Electrical and Computer Engineering, focusing on Machine Learning, at the University of Ottawa, Canada. Prior to his PhD, Mohammad completed a Master of Science in Digital Transformation and Innovation, specializing in Machine Learning, as well as a Bachelor of Applied Science in Computer Engineering at the same institution.

With a rich background in software development, machine learning, data science, and engineering, Mohammad has held positions as a Part-Time Engineering Professor at the University of Ottawa, Lead Machine Learning Engineer, and Senior Software Development Engineer. He has contributed to the development of machine learning models for predicting emissions and detecting fraud in the tax field.

In his master's thesis, Mohammad successfully predicted stock market prices using sentiment analysis and financial data. Currently, he is working on using transformer architecture and multi-task learning to predict cryptocurrency market trends.

Welcome, Mohammad.

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