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NbS (Nature-based Solutions) Project Map

Accessible within Vantage, ClearBlue’s NbS Project Map places all nature-based solutions projects from every major carbon registry globally. It is a critical tool for due diligence that will aid project developers and investors.

To create the NBS Project Map, ClearBlue collected and generated hundreds of detailed maps showing project areas globally across the VCS, Gold Standard, Climate Action

Reserve (CAR), CDM, CERCARBONO, Biocarbon, Plan Vivo, as well as other major registries such as Verra and GS. It also pulls in all NbS methodologies such as Afforestation/Restoration, Conservation/REDD, Improved Forest Management/IFM and others, in an ever-expanding catalog.

Unlike the registries, ClearBlue’s NbS Project Map visualizes the locations of all projects from a given methodology or all methodologies and registries simultaneously. Most registries only display one project at a time.

The NbS Project Map captures the actual borders of most projects and provides data on project methodology, ERs claimed, developers and more. 

Vantage users can even temporarily upload their own project’s map to view its placement against other projects to check for boundary overlap or proximity to other nearby projects.

Importantly, the NbS Project Map is not static. New registries and projects are added constantly, including projects already or planned to be added to the registries this year.

Benefits of the map include:

  • Provide validation and verification bodies (VVBs), governments and registries with visibility into global projects.

  • Offer insight into the performance of neighboring projects.

  • Assist with planning for leakage, proxy areas for deforestation, performance benchmarks, and appropriate safeguard measures, taking the most recent updates to registries' principles and standards into account.

Customizable dashboards and filters to check projects by categories will be available soon. 

These dashboards will integrate with the rest of the Vantage database to provide detailed information about NbS projects per region, sector, by methodology, and more. 

To see the NbS Project Map, or to add it to your existing Vantage subscription, please contact us.


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